The beautiful Mediterranean country of Malta is one of the best places to find homes of quality. Malta is the first planned city in Europe dating back to the 16th century. Maltese homes usually contain spectacular building plan layout and this results in a picturesque city that just gets more beautiful over time.

Have you just settled down in Malta and looking for some guidance to find homes of quality in Malta? If yes, here’s a list of different kinds of houses and properties that you’ll find in Malta.

Top 6 Homes of Quality in Malta:

  1. Flats

Flats are one of the most common types of houses you’ll see in Malta. The trend of building flats in Malta became more popular in the early 19th century during the British Empire rule. Before this period, most of the housing properties were townhouses, houses of character, and farmhouses. However, Maltese got largely influenced by British craftsmanship and found the building blocks of apartments more convenient to cater to several families at once. This building structure became popular among families with meager income due to its ease and cost-effectiveness. Today, modern flats in Malta feature an open plan layout and a public lift connected to the basement level.

  1. Maisonettes

A maisonette is a property that is a part of a larger building. Most of the people in Malta confuse Maisonettes with flats because flats are also present in one large size building. The major difference between the two is that a maisonette has a separate main entrance while flats share a common main entrance area. Aside from the exclusive entrance, maisonettes also feature basements, rear yard, and roof space which is not present in flats. Maisonettes started to appear in Malta after World War II and people liked this building structure as well because it provided them a sense of exclusivity and added security.

  1. Penthouses

Maltese started building penthouses once they saw the penthouses in New York City in the early 20th century. The demand for these homes of quality got high and this led to the development of luxury apartments in Malta. A penthouse is basically an area that is present on the top floor of the flats building. A single structure occupies the whole area and contains with luxury materials. It has some space from the outer walls to give way for a wide terrace, rooftop gardens, or even a full size swimming pool. Although very expensive to own, penthouses offer the most beautiful panoramic view of Malta. With luxurious living areas and high-class furnishings the penthouses are, no doubt, a good investment.

  1. Houses of Character

Houses of character are traditional Maltese homes dating back to more than 500 years ago. These houses are mostly found in villages and town cores with traditional architecture. They are adorned with Stone ceilings, stone slabs, patterned tiles, thick walls, and internal courtyards. Thus providing you a life experience of living in Malta hundreds of years ago.

  1. Townhouses

A vast majority of townhouses in Malta belong to the pre-war period where the British Empire ruled the Island nation. Wooden doors and windows, colorful wooden balconies, limestone facade, wrought-iron gates, and religious icons in the entrance area are some of the common features of a townhouse in Malta. You’ll find the townhouse structures beautifully built in the form of rows in the long and narrow streets of Maltese villages and town centers. These homes of quality have become a “rare find” in Malta because of the new property developments.

  1. Farmhouses

Farmhouses are one of the most sought after properties in Malta. Quite ironically, they were a symbol of the poor man’s abode hundreds of years ago. These old structures were once situated in an agricultural area of Malta. But they have got attention from urban development due to the increasing population of the Mediterranean nation. Back in the ‘90s, farmhouses with swimming pools became so popular that people started purchasing abandoned farmhouses and converted them to a livable house. That’s why, you’ll see swimming pools in most of the converted farmhouses today.

Farmhouses usually feature drinking troughs for domestic animals, limestone structure, wooden beams, birthing rooms, and patterned tiles. The charm and appeal of this property is undoubtedly the major reason behind its popularity in Maltese real estate market.