Who else wants to choose distinct homes for a dream holiday in Malta?

Well, if that’s your case, you have probably heard the term “house of character.” This term defines the old Maltese homes that have traditional architecture. They contain materials like arches, troughs, patterned tiles, and vast courtyards. You might think what so special about these houses is that they are an object of desire to many. So, to put an end to your curiosity, let’s discuss why old Maltese homes are so popular. We’ll also see why people talk a lot about the Maltese character of homes.

Why Distinct Maltese Homes are Popular?

Regardless of the construction period of the traditional Maltese homes, their features and characteristics are typical of an old house in the Mediterranean islands. This makes them very special. People in Malta are very keen on preserving these unique structures down their original designs. Even the local government has numerous programs and policies in place to protect these houses.

If you want to see a traditional Maltese house, you’ll find various traditional Maltese houses for rent. Also purchasing one of these houses of character it’s an option that will make any investment worthwhile.

Unique Features of Maltese Houses of Character:

Maltese houses of character are a unique blend of architectural styles. They certainly lead you to appreciate Maltese culture on another level. The houses have honey-colored old limestones in combination with pastel-colored front wooden doors and windows. This not only complements the style of the places but also adds beauty and radiance to the structure; especially on a bright sunny day where you can truly appreciate and marvel its classic splendor.

You can also notice numerous things that add up to the Maltese character of homes. Some of them are wooden beams, spiral stairways, wrought iron railings, terraces, and even beautifully hand-crafted brass door knockers.

Four Significant Characteristics of Distinct Homes in Malta:

  1. Use of Limestones in the Buildings

Maltese distinct homes are typically constructed over a hundred years ago with deep regard to time, space, and season of the area. You’ll see extensive use of limestones in these houses because it is found naturally in Malta. Old Maltese people prefer limestones for the following reasons:

  • Limestones are weather-proof, fire-resistant, durable, and look good as new throughout the years.
  • They are also porous.  Water and salt can freely pass through it and prevent salt build-up that causes faster erosion of the material.
  • Limestones give Maltese houses its distinct honeycomb color that is both timeless and beautiful.
  • They are easy to maintain and clean because you only need a gentle wash and brush for most applications.
  1. Multiple Floor Building Layout

Every aspect of the Maltese houses of character holds a lot of detail. This is of utmost importance to the structure’s longevity. Most of the houses in Malta have multiple floors that include balconies. This is because of the narrow nature of the streets and small lot allocation of the area. Typical old houses in Malta are usually tiny in sizes having only one small bedroom and one master bedroom. Facades are also in progress with double-thick walls that provide good insulation during the winter season and sizzling summer heat. Courtyards are also quite common in the Maltese character of houses. They provide shelter and protection from the wind and bring in cool breezes from the sea. The center of these beautiful courtyards has stone wells as a water source for the household.

To ensure ample lighting in the house, large attractive windows line up around the structures, especially on the first floor. Shutters are also installed on top of the windows. They help to block sunlight and heat from entering, particularly in sweltering summer seasons.

Besides that, high ceiling designs adorn the interiors of the homes that aid in the sufficient circulation of air inside. So, you see, old Maltese homes are perfectly designed to handle the pleasantly warm climate of Malta.

  1. Intricate Wrought Iron Detailing on Staircases

Since old distinct homes in Malta have multiple floors, you’ll see original staircases in the houses of character.  They are adorned with intricately-designed wrought iron balustrades. The rails of the staircases are coated with powder and zinc coating. As Iron is prone to rust, this maintains the staircases’ timeless elegance. Using wrought iron for stair rails has many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Iron is a durable and pest-proof material which makes it ideal for houses designed to last for a long time.
  • It also a versatile material that is only limited to the imagination of the stair rail designer.
  1. Wooden Front Doors

Nothing can beat the elegancy of beautiful wooden doors of old Maltese houses. The wooden doors have paint colors that complement the honeycomb color of the limestone façade. Popular colors are green, blue, and red.

The front doors have brass knockers decoration with numerous designs. The common ones are compasses, eagles, and dolphins. These designs showcase the different personalities of the homeowners. Because of the limited space, most front door gates are present right in front of the door itself. Made of wrought iron, these beautiful gates come in a wide variety of designs and colors.

Is Buying Houses of Character a Good Investment?

Maltese character of houses is a unique and irreplaceable piece of art. It is a living testament to the enduring culture, history, and diverse heritage of Malta. Many Maltese townhouses nowadays have already undergone numerous renovations just to preserve the elegant beauty of these structures.

No matter where these houses are located, they offer unparalleled serenity and peace. The uniqueness, distinct attractiveness, and timeless beauty of old Maltese homes make it an excellent investment and highly in-demand property. You can be sure that the property will have a good appreciation value.

Besides that, these houses are famous among holiday vacationers wanting to experience Maltese culture. So, renting them out is a good option if you are looking for a quick return of investment.

Why You Should Consider Living in Distinct Maltese Homes?

Traditional old houses in Malta are indeed the ultimate showcase of how timeless the culture of Malta is. Without a doubt, living in an old Maltese house is something everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime.

To have a genuine experience of these structures, there’s no better way to do it than living in them for days. In this way, you can truly appreciate and enjoy how it feels like staying in these classical structures. This is especially useful if you want to purchase a house of character of your own.  You can spend an ample amount of time assessing them if you really want to have one.

The next time you visit Malta and look for a place to stay, go for old Maltese houses instead of a hotel.