Property Appreciation Services:

Managing your property can be a time-consuming task. We can offer the following services to ease this load. 

Property fo Rent.

instead of selling your property we can refurbish it (MT REFURBISHING) and manage it for a while with a guaranteed return for the owners

Property for Sale ( in Malta).

we can assist you with selling a property, or we can buy it ourselves 

Property to Lease with the Option to Buy.

this can be an interesting option since it gives you the monthly income and a good value for the house.

Conduminium Management.

a well-kept condominium can raise the value of a property.


Contact us for a free consultation session so we may propose the right package based on your property status. We have many options available from light refurbishment and full refurbishment.


Owners – Property for sale in Malta!


Owners – Property for rent in Malta!

St. Mary’s House B’kara

” We knew that we don’t want to put our property for sale, but we did not have time to manage it, either.
For us to organize a project like that would have taken too much planning. We could see so many pitfalls with all the various contractors we would have had to engage. So what we really like about MT ESTATE was the fact that they did all the work. They decided what they wanted from the house, and organized the interior design. They came up with plans, and with the Refurbishing.
The most obvious benefit is that we did not have a lift a finger; we just receive the money. “

Enough Talk, Let’s Find a Property for Sale!

We understand how priceless your time is. By having us on board, you will have more free time to spend with your family. Hence we will get everything done for you!