Our Team real estate Malta

Our team is what delivers our ethos and the drive to transform a property into its maximum potential. We have a highly skilled team capable of handling all our projects holistically and promptly.

From Investors, Designers, Project Managers to Skilled Laborers and Craftsmanship Workers, we adopted a practical approach to solve problems by finding solutions and get things done.

Communication with clients is very relevant to know their ideas. So our team always looks forward to discussing the project and intertwine with the clients for the best outcome…..

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“Saving you time and giving you value for money is what we strive for.”

Our Drive & Ethos in the  real estate Malta Market

Our Vision is: “Malta, the first option for the future!” 

Saving you time and creating value for money is what we strive for. In other words, we want to transform your property into its maximum potential to generate real estate value!

Our Eco mindset is always on alert on how to transform a property into a self-sufficient one. As a result, we aim that our properties become the most eco friendly in its day to day running.

With all the challenges we face, we strive to conserve the charm and historical value of an old property while implanting modern environment solutions for an eco mode approach.

The real estate market, in Malta, needs a lot of innovation to sustain a competitive approach in relation to other countries. We are here to bring our contribution to the unexplored areas of the improvement needed.

Our Process

Our process is very straight forward. We love finding hidden gems on the real estate Malta market, and together with our sister company MT REFURBISHING, we give them the shine of yesteryear. Therefore, we would love talking to property owners that are looking to maximize their investment and as well with the tenants that are looking for a home.


We built all our portfolio around the commitment to create and protect the Maltese character, and its elegance. We are very grateful to the landlords that have entrusted us with their investments.

Leave it up to us to manage your property, collect rent, manage maintenance, and any arising requests and issues with your tenants.  see more …..


We bring our houses on the real estate market Malta, refurbished with a simple idea in mind: to capture and pass further the unique charm and characteristics of a Maltese Home!

With a substantial portfolio of highly finished properties managed by our fantastic team, either if you would love to Rent A Room or a full house, we can assure a smooth transition to the Maltese islands.

Let’s Do Something Together For Real Estate Market in Malta!

We understand how priceless your time is. By having us on board, you will have more free time to spend with your family. Hence we will get everything done for you!